Right Livelihood Award Campain
Concept Campaign

Art Direction
by Thomas Bircher
HGK FHNW, 2022

Right Livelihood is an international non-profit organization that annually presents the RL Award, to honor and nurture those who offer solutions to the most pressing world challenges.

We were tasked with creating a campaign to promote the winners, which would work across both digital and analog media. We chose to spread awareness among the young audience in Basel and thus opted for a poster campaign spread around the city, in addition to an Instagram campaign, both of which directed people to the official website featuring a special visual look.

Our concept was to create a visual code that would both emphasize the personal story of each laureate, and show the organization as a collective effort of multiple threads, each supporting the other. To achieve this, we avoided using faces and instead focused on the laureat common mission, the concept of celebration, and colors as identifier.

This project was designed in collaboration with Vicktoria Paeva and Luise Kalkbrenner.

Visual Language

1. The Grid

2. Poster

3. Web Site: Hero Banner

4. Web Site Feature

5. Instagram Campaign