A Quest Into Colour: Natural Colours and Their Creative Qualities
Master Thesis – Exhibition

Iteams: A4 silkscreen prints (100), research journal (book format 10x18.5 cm), colours sample, process book (website), and material samples (6 items).

Master Thesis 
Mentors: Claire Reymond,
Leander Eisenmann
Basel, 2022

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This research explores the contemporary context of natural colouring methods in the frame of sustainable practise in visual communication. It investigates the ecological and creative applications of organic pigments in image-making process. Moreover, it inquiries about the feasibility of the approach and its visual opportunities in image reproduction.

The findings are based on a series of experiments in which the colour agents are found, processed, activated, tested, and observed through screen-printed images. The process follows a thinking-through-making attitude through a direct engagement with the material at every stage (from foraging natural inks to their applications).

The topic is observed through an alchemical approach, considering the colours’ molecular structure, and embracing the material volatility, fragility, decay and agency.

The project has been exhibited in the NEXT GENERATION exhibition at the HGK FHNW Basel, 2022 and presented at the unior Design Research Conference (JDRC22).